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Tortillas y Pollo a la Parrilla

Recommendations by Margarett

We have named a couple restaurants we consider are worth visiting in Valladolid. This list comes from our personal experience and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. For more options on where to go and what to see while in Yucatan, click the button below

hoja blanca

El Mesón del Marqués

Variety of breakfasts with international and national influence. Ideal to start the day


Vegetarian restaurant with delicious options to start the day. This restaurant also has extended hours until lunch.

El Jardín de la Tía

Delicious regional food, poc-chuc (grilled pork or chicken) is the aunt's specialty. Everyone who comes to Valladolid must eat at La Tia.

La Selva

Local restaurant where you find regional food. This place is not yet so touristy and you can take an authentic experience.

L’Osteria della Nonna

Authentic Italian food made by the nonna. Their menu changes every day depending on the ingredients they find on the day.

Terraza Don Diablo

Terrace bar overlooking the church and the main park with good food and a good selection of drinks.

Verde Morada

Coffee shop with waffles, dessert options and with a different menu every month. This coffee shop is the perfect place for those looking for a lighter breakfast surrounded by nature.

El Bazar

Located 270 m from the hotel, the bazar is the local market with various food options. We recommend eating with "El Amigo Casiano" and try the empanizado torta, this is a mandatory stop.


Regional food restaurant with the authentic Yucatecan flavor. Enjoy its terrace and good atmosphere in the center of the city.


Japanese contemporary food. One of the best places to eat sushi and drink sake.


Gourmet international food with regional touches in an atmosphere with art and open spaces

Mezcaleria Don Trejo

Great place to go dancing if you like live music.


Recommendations by Margarett does not have any type of affiliation, advertising or commission for recommending the places mentioned above. 

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