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Activities recommended by Margarett

We have compiled destinations that you can visit while staying with us. If you are interested in any we will be able to help you book it or provide guidance on how to go. Some of these activities might need 1-2 days reservation beforehand. 

Arena blanca y piedra

Cenote Zaci

This is one of our favorites due to its location, steps away from our Hotel. This cenote is half open, half close, perfect for beginners. 

Cenote Hubiku

This is one of our favorites for all the amenities it has within. You can enjoy a delicious Yucatecan food, learn more about tequila and enjoy the refreshing cenote waters all in one place. 

El Cuyo

A beach town known for its quiet and calm life. This town is still very authentic and regional, only locals know about this little paradise. It is worth visiting.


This archeological zone is perfect for people who looks for an adventure. You can ride a bike to the pyramid and climb it. 


If you are interested to see what else you can do while staying with us, get in touch with Mexi Go and they will be happy to assist with your travels. Phone: 985-108-2018

Cenote Suytun

One of the most instragrammable cenotes around. This is a must if you are into photography and want to get great shots. 

Cenote Sac-aua

This one is located 40 min away from Valladolid but its worth it. This cenote has an island in the middle of it that you can visit while you kayak around. This cenote also includes a tour around an underground cave. One of our personal favorites

Las Coloradas

One of the most instagrammable places around, also known as the "pink lake", this town is ideal for a day trip around the peninsula

Rio Lagartos

Small beach town know for its "Ria" and mangroves. This is where you can see real crocodiles while taking a boat tour. 

Mexi g
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